You only have so much energy on any given day even if you’re the queen of multitasking and getting shit done.

If you’re a woman who is also running a successful business, it’s likely that your family and friends are getting whatever is left over after a busy day of phone calls, meetings, and other administrative shit. Not to mention YOU spend all of your time either working or taking care of the essentials but never really taking great care of YOU.

Let’s be honest… you’re SPENT by the end of the day and maybe, sorta, sometimes eat Doritos (or something equally as healthy) for dinner.

But how can you change that? I mean, your business requires a lot of you, right? And so does your life. So who ends up pulling late nights and completely ignoring her own needs?

Yup… you do.

And after burning the “essence of oh-shit” scented candle at both ends for weeks or maybe even months on end, you’re SUPER giving, gentle and kind to the people around you and you feel great, right?

 Ummmmm? No.

Something HAS GOT TO GIVE. Here’s the deal- the solution is not going to magically float down from the sky into your lap as angelic music plays. You have to TAKE CONTROL of your business and your life.

 You have to decide that your life, your family, your friends and YOU are all a priority and you have to take the wheel and figure out what someone else can help you with.

You have to choose where your energy is most needed and then delegate the rest… otherwise different day, same ole’ story. Feel me?

Queue the angelic music, baby… the solution is right before you...GRAB IT!

Let’s chat about how VAsquare can give you more time and energy for the things that you know, matter.

At VAsquare we work in many different capacities from the handling of day-to-day tasks, web design and content writing to social media marketing and online business management.

  • VAsquare

    “Candance and her team at VAsquare have been instrumental in the set up and expansion of my online business. They're always there behind the scenes offering customer care support, managing my multiple website and social media outlets. They do whatever I need them to, to help run my business smoothly, which frees me up to work on the most important things I need to do to keep my business moving forward. I'm so grateful to Candance for her continued support - I couldn't do everything I do without her and her team!!”

    Acupuncturist, Author & Speaker

  • VAsquare

    “Being a passionate entrepreneur, I love what I do and I know I am good at it - but sometimes the ever changing technology tide is beyond overwhelming! I'm so grateful for Candance and her team at VAsquare! They eat technology for breakfast and make it look tasty! I'm forever blown away at the rapid response rate, personal service and incredible education and support she and her team give. If you are a solo-preneur or small business owner who needs to expand VA Square should be your go-to! They build up your back-end so you can stay focused on what you're really good at - serving your clients!

    You are amazing! Thank you for your help and quick response!”

    Life and Integrative Nutrition Coach

  • VAsquare

    “I just wanted to say to anyone who is on the fence about doing the new Simplero training course by VAsquare, I feel my money has been well spent! Thank you for the extra help & advice, you amazing ladies have given me over & above the excellent course content. They have saved me a lot of time, brain ache and from further fumbling around in the dark. It's just what I needed to walk me through how everything works. And the fact you have helped me get my head around the best way to roll out my service is a hug bonus - thank you!”

    Creative Director + Owner at MindRescue

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