Hiring help can be scary. Especially if it’s something new or you’ve had a “flighty” assistant before, who left you feeling more stressed and confused.

When you hire the right people though, pure magic, not only are you spending your time efficiently, things are done more professionally and consistently, which builds trust with your customers and clients faster.

But some people live and DIE by DIY. And hey, I get it. You want to save money, bootstrap and get as much done for yourself as you possibly can so that you aren’t throwing money down the ole’ drain.

I’ve fallen into this trap too! I think I can do something myself and then a month later and a few more hours than I really wanted to put into a project I have a half-assed THING that I know could have been so much better had I just had someone who knows what they’re doing handle it.

Here’s how it often works:

Business owner #1, let’s call her Cindy.

Cindy is newish in her business, let’s say she’s a coach and has done just about everything on her own. Her business is growing now though, and Cindy’s time is going toward more and more new clients and therefore, more administrative bullshit that she doesn’t have time for.

She books new clients, emails paperwork and contracts, manages appointments, sets up calls, deals with payment details and answers emails.

Cindy is spending over 20 hours each week, just in admin stuff.

BUT, Cindy is stubborn and insists that “she’s just not at the level that she needs to be yet to justify hiring help.” So she keeps on going, maxed out in her client load but not making the money she knows she could.

Then we have business owner #2, let’s call her Beatrice.

Beatrice has the same client load as Cindy, but Beatrice is thinking ahead and hires a VA for 15 hours weekly (because VA’s are super efficient with this stuff, so they’re likely going to take less time than you do!) to help her with all of the things that Cindy is DIYing.

Now Beatrice isn’t bogged down with the same administrative bullshit that Cindy is so she’s not only enjoying her business more, doing THE THING THAT SHE ROCKS AT, but she’s also able to take on MORE clients as a result of having an additional 20 hours free per week! Woohoo Beatrice!

I know what you’re thinking… “well that’d be nice, but I really can’t afford it.” OR CAN YOU? Let’s do the math here (feel free to insert your own rates and hours):


Cindy                         Beatrice

Each has 20 weekly clients at one hour each week

Each client is charged $200 weekly

(both ladies are at 20 hours in client time and $4,000 of weekly income)


DIY admin takes 20 hours, so Cindy is easily at 40 hrs with no time to take on more clients unless she wants to work more than 40 hours


Beatrice’s assistant does all of the admin, so she now has 20 hours of client time free to book as many as 20 more clients if she chooses ($4000 more weekly)


Cindy’s income stays at $4000/ week gross


Beatrice’s income goes up to $8000/ week so she hires her assistant to take on the extra admin (15 more hours)


Cindy’s working 40 hours/ week DIYing everything in her business and stressing her out and feeling like she has NO TIME.

She’s also not super efficient at managing systems so there are a few more mistakes than she’d really like in her business too because she’s spread so thin.


Beatrice’s working 40 hours/week, only handling the things she rocks at.

She pays her assistant $900/ week for approximately 20 to 30 hours of work (as a 1099 contractor so she doesn’t have to cover insurance and other stuff)

So $8000 income-$900 assistant= $7100/ week gross for Beatrice


End result= both ladies are working 40 hours/ week but Beatrice is bringing home $3100 more each week than Cindy because she recognizes her strengths and delegates tasks to free up her time.

Smart Beatrice :)

Moral of the story is, you get to decide what to hire out, how much time or money you want to spend doing ALL OF THE THINGS yourself or upgrading to hiring help.

What takes the bulk of your time that you can’t stand doing or don’t do well?




Here’s What We Rock At: 


Starting at $700 monthly - for FB & IG        1 posts a day, 7 days a week

Social Media Audit + Strategy

Designing custom social media graphics and content.

Management of social media accounts and posting, articles, photos, quotes, etc.

Daily monitoring of FB page for interaction, comments and inbox (2 x 15min a day - M to F)



$360 to $540 per website monthly

Includes proofreading, posting and scheduling 2 blog posts a month in addition to SEO assistance. Overwriting included.


Comment Approval (low to moderate activity)




$225 to $500 per project

Designing PDFs/Ebooks/PPTs and landing pages for courses, lead magnets and membership sites. Overwriting included.

Landing Page and Box Creation


Starting at $270 monthly

Setting up and managing an email marketing CRM like Mailchimp, Convertkit, ActiveCampaign etc. for automating and scheduling 1 newsletter a month. Overwriting included.

Building sequences and segmenting lists



$225 to $500 per project

Automating processes

Program improvement and recommendations

Business organization



$225 to $500 monthly

Adding, reviewing and editing content

Video and or audio editing

Payment management and collections

Managing forums and/or course related Facebook groups

End user/back end support



$100 to $400 a monthly

Returning emails

Scheduling appointments

Calendar Management



Starting at $270 a month

Curating content for blogs, social media, website, lead magnets, etc.



Starting at $270 a month

Strategic advice to grow business

Program launches from start to finish

Creating actionable outlines

Timelines and team management



Starting at $270 a month

Set up, manage, update and share

Back end support

Editing of video/audio files





Price based on length of project

Transcribe video or audio files

Proofed, edited, ready to present to your audience or clients

Free project estimates provided





Square Marketing Services:

* Services listed below are separate from the VA services listed above.

FACEBOOK ADS and Funnels

Facebook Ad Objective & Strategy

Setting up Campaign, Ad Sets and Ads

Identifying the right target audience/clientele

Designing ad creative, copy, funnels and landing pages

Regular monitoring and tweaking to improve Ad performance